Kevin McFarland

Co-Founder & COO/CFO
Who Am I?

Kevin is the product of a lot of loving people, trying to combine a grassroots work ethic with lofty aspirations.

Why Formative?

Anyone can improve the world in their own way; Improving education empowers entire generations to have that opportunity.

Join Our Team

Be part of a team that’s changing education.

Education is the best way to close the opportunity gap and significant improvements will undeniably change the world for the better.

Our amazing team is remote and embraces a diversity of people, ideas, talents and experiences.

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Change Makers

Andy Amin
Senior Account Executive
Shawn Hopkins
Manager of Growth Marketing
Garrison Wan
Senior Account Executive
Brian Hartigan
Senior Account Executive
Braden Ditch
Kylie Cavanaugh
Client Support Specialist
Monica Jauregui
Senior Client Success Manager
Craig Jones
Co-Founder & CEO
Jay Daukas
Sales Development Representative (SDR)
Matthew Wheeland
Senior Account Executive